Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain can be treated during your first session booked online. If you’ve had unsuccessful treatment for lower back pain in the past, get the help you need from our multidisciplinary team at Medical Center Plus. How is lower back pain treated? Your treatment plan is catered to your specific diagnosis and can include […]


Successful rehabilitation requires not just a knowledgeable medical professional, but also one who is caring and supportive. The medical team helps you recover from surgery, teaches you pain management techniques for knee pain, lower back pain. Get started on your rehab treatment by calling the office or booking an appointment online. You usually can begin […]

Arthritis Treatment

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Regenerative therapy for arthritis is the concept that injecting stem cells into an area of deterioration will help rebuild damaged tissue.

Migraine Relief

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Migraines can be paralyzing, forcing you to miss work or your favorite activities. The doctors at Medical Center Plus serve many people across Lee County who suffer from migraine pain. Book your first appointment online, or call the office. Which treatments are available for migraines? Before going to see your dedicated migraine specialist at Medical […]

Neuropathy Relief

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Neuropathy is a nerve condition with pain, burning, and numbness in the extremities, often making it difficult to enjoy life the way you once did. Fortunately, Medical Center Plus offers a unique multimodal treatment strategy that’s helping many people across Lee County. Book an appointment so you can regain use of your hands and feet […]

Sciatica Relief

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Sharp, shooting pains radiating down your leg is often a sign of sciatica. Medical Center Plus offers a convenient online booking system to make your appointment, but you can certainly call the office. Get treatment soon to reduce your pain from sciatica. What is the process for diagnosing sciatica? When you first meet with your […]

Knee Pain

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Knee pain makes even the simplest of tasks an unbearably painful chore. The highly skilled physicians at Medical Center Plus in Auburn, Alabama have extensive experience in diagnosing knee pain sources. Call the office or schedule your appointment online. The team will get you in as soon as possible. When do I need to see […]

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a clinically-proven, natural treatment that helps heal underlying issues responsible for chronic pain and other concerns. Medical Center Plus offers this treatment through an online appointment. What is platelet-rich plasma? Along with the liquid called plasma, your blood contains red cells, white cells, and platelets. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is obtained […]